In addition to all of the attached artwork here, which is mine, I have several other passions:


April ’13:           Boxcar Poetry Review: Review of Brownderville’s Gust

July ’13:            Poetry is Dead / Poetry Genius:  “Memory Lane (Sittin’ In the Car)”

August ’13:        African Music Blog: “They Still Love H.E.R.”

October ’13:       WHCL Radio Special; (Writer, producer, and editor) Halloween Spectacular

February ’14:     Susquehanna Review; “Easter Eggs,” Short Fiction (In-Press, May 2015)


Check out my tri-lingual spoken word piece exploring race, language, and identity while living for a month in Dakar, Senegal here, courtesy of the Digital Humanities Initiative.

Browse my collection of videos, as I learned to weild the camera in more personal, non-narrative explorations:


Travel Writing:

A Study in Senegal: A series of travel essays based on four months spent living in Dakar, Senegal ranging from rural life to the state of Senegalese Hip-Hop.

Recently, I began a stint writing for, where I contribute pieces on outdoor life and the Ithaca area.




Album Artwork for the single "Blackout Blues"


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