A Good Woman is Hard to Find

Listen to the finished, produced Radio Play Here! https://soundcloud.com/ngeisler/a-good-woman-is-hard-to-find

Sounds of car in the woods. Crickets, bull frogs. We are in the swamp. Old, twangy country kicks in from a...

The Semi-Tragedy of the Lornes

The Lornes were, above all, car people. They were family-oriented. They were charitable, easy to get on with, and humble. They weren’t on TV every night, loudly hawking their cars in low quality videos with bad...

Let it Ride


  Three hours and twenty six minutes ago Carrey lit the Ralston’s old ice cream shack on fire. Relit, technically – a miss-wiring had set it ablaze a few summers back, only this time there was no one to put it out. He was...



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